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We Rock.

Last updated November 15, 2008

Zendesk rocks

If you didn’t know already, Zendesk has a Facebook group where we post details about upcoming events and generally make room for a more relaxed and informal conversation between our beloved customers and other friends. It’s also a good place to spend some time if you want your hands on one of the infamous Zendesk Buddha Machines or one of our new and very green Zendesk tees.

Last week a Zendesk aficionado from El Paso, Texas, wrote on our wall. And we simply must share it with all you, who’s not yet on Facebook or a member of Zendesk Lovers:

“Thanks for the Awesome Tee!!! You guys rock! The Active Directory integration is so elegant, our end-users love not having to remember another username/password combo. Our help desk loves the simple interface. You guys really get IT. People don’t want something with a million drop down boxes filled with tons of random choices. People just want a solution that will help get problems solved, not create additional work.

Sorry about the rant- I’ve spent two years trying products from BMC and other vendors, and it feels pretty good to know that we have found something really useful in Zendesk.”

Omar, man, we love you too. Thanks for making us rock.