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Tip of the week: How to fix the UTF-8 error when bulk uploading users

By Benjamin Goff

Last updated September 8, 2015

Someday (probably on a Monday) you’ll be going about your business when your platforms or software decide not to play nice together. Next thing you know, you’ll get this error message:

“For some reason the data to import was not ready in our servers. Try again. We’ve been notified about this and will solve the problem if there’s a bug. If the error persists, please contact our support team. The error was: invalid byte sequence in UTF-8.”

This error occurs when the file you are attempting to upload to Zendesk is not in a UTF-8 format. The reason that this occurs is because the software that you are using (e.g., Microsoft Excel) is choosing to save the file in a different type of encoding, like ISO-8859, instead of UTF-8.

In this tip of the week we will cover three ways to resolve the UTF-8 error when bulk uploading users. To avoid the error you can:

  1. Use Google Drive
  2. Use Notepad
  3. Try to change the encoding in your software

Head to the forums to see these solutions in more detail

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