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Community tip: Funneling customer orders through Zendesk

Last updated January 24, 2022

My company recently got rid of our CRM for various reasons and, while we were not quite ready to graduate to an ERP system, we had to bridge the gap between our Sales team and the processing of our orders. That’s where Zendesk came into the fold. Since it was already embedded in our internal and external systems, it only seemed natural for Zendesk to handle our customer orders as well. To test out this possibility, I created a workflow for processing orders directly through Zendesk. It worked.

Instead of using several costly systems and siloed solutions we have one centralized solution where we and our customers easily view support and orders requests in the same place. This also allows us to relay more info to our customers throughout the ordering process, improving the customer’s experience. By streamlining the workflow, we’ve also decreased turnaround time by revealing fulfillment issues at a much faster rate than when we were spread across multiple platforms.

From mapping out your process to creating useful triggers, I’ll show you my eight-step recipe for using Zendesk to funnel customer orders.

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This community tip is from Sam Chandler, Customer Services Director and Zendesk Enthusiast.

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