Tasks have Arrived

Tasks have Arrived

March 16, 2008
Tasks have Arrived

[Editor’s note: This help articles previously linked to from this post have since been replaced. For more information about ticket fields, including Tasks, please view this article].

This weekend’s update brought tasks to Zendesk. Task is a new ticket type alongside Incident, Problem and Question, intended for work orders, change tasks or projects. Tasks can carry due dates, available for all workflow and business rules in Zendesk. All help desks now have two (inactive) views that display current and overdue tasks. The due date-field can also be utilized for setting up alerts and notifications (via automations) to end-users or agents, when tasks are imminent, or for when tasks are overdue.

The update brought other new features, amongst these the ability for agents to jot down notes on customers and customer-organizations from the context of a ticket, plus lots of UI streamlining and minor bugfixes.



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