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Mediaocean empowers better customer support teams and content with Zendesk

Last updated September 21, 2021

Returning to Zendesk paid off big time for Mediaocean

After being forced to switch to another vendor, CX leadership at Mediaocean made a data-driven case to return to Zendesk. The return has paid off big time, delighting both customers and employees, and driving financial results for the business.

To quantify the business benefits from the Zendesk redeployment, IDC takes an in-depth look at how Mediaocean uses Zendesk to empower their customer support agent and content development teams.

Read the report to learn about the primary benefits realized, including:

  • Financial benefits:
    • ROI of 170% $732,000 in gross benefits per year
    • Payback period: 5.9 months
  • Other benefits:
    • CSAT scores rose to 98%
    • 800+ hours of customer support time freed up per month
    • 20% increase in customer support–related content produced
    • $100k in licensing savings
    • Client portal usage surged by 354% within a month