Messaging and live chat for websites

Engage your customers with live chat software

We know that your team needs to be available to customers in real time. Zendesk live chat widget is a seamless integration that connects you with customers instantly through live chat on your website. In addition to supporting customers who seek chat agents out through the chat tool, your team can also proactively reach out to customers before they have a question or issue, or just to say hello.

Make the first move

When businesses chat with a customer, that customer is three times more likely to make a purchase. That’s why we made it so easy to engage customers with Zendesk live chat software. Our pre-chat form integrations ask website visitors for their contact information before starting the chat so chat agents can both personalize the conversation and follow-up afterwards so customers feel heard. And our offline forms enable website visitors to contact you anytime.

Zendesk live website chat software enables your team to share all the necessary information via the chat app to answer customer questions. Chat agents can share files like trouble-shooting guides; visual aids like product guides or screenshots; or even a silly GIF to add a smile to your customer’s face (and a positive association to your brand).

Take advantage of AI

Zendesk AI is a powerful way to elevate the live chat experience for your business. AI triggers allow you to use targeted and behavior-based messages to connect with your customers. For example, if a customer is checking those brand new cat overalls on your website (overalls FOR cats, obviously), AI can take the lead by starting a chat about the proper size for the customer’s cat in order to complete the transaction. The customer feels taken care of, your business gets a sale, and her Insta-famous mancoon will finally be able to get the denim overalls it never wanted—but the internet desperately needs.

In addition to AI triggers, AI chatbots are definitely your friend. If you’ve never used them before, chatbots help automate simple, time-consuming tasks and provide chat agents a helping hand. Using our live chat conversations API, you can integrate third-party, AI-powered bots right into Zendesk live chat. With full access to your team’s knowledge base, chatbots have the same information your chat team does, so they can knock out minor customer questions with self-serve FAQs, public-facing articles, and canned responses.


The Zendesk live chat widget allows you to offer customers and visitors live website chat support wherever they are, whether that’s on mobile (iOS and Android), in your app, or through a third-party messaging app. Live chat integrations allow your team to seamlessly extend its reach to social media, so you can connect with potential customers on Facebook Messenger or other platforms your customers use most.

How to add live chat to your website

Adding live website chat is easy with the Zendesk live chat widget. Simply add your custom script into the HTML source code of the pages you want the Chat widget to appear, hit publish, and you'll be up and running. For more detailed instructions on how to install Zendesk, see our support documentation.

Start chatting the Zendesk way

Zendesk chat widget enables your team to connect with customers for improved customer service skills. Zendesk live chat provides everything for chat support software, so you can make the first move, maximize customer service impact with built-in AI, and offer your customers live chat support wherever they are. Get ready to start chatting.