Customer complaint software

Zendesk 客戶服務軟體可主動解決客戶投訴

Consumers are increasingly turning to social media to share feedback on their customer care experiences. It has become increasingly difficult for businesses to ignore or hide from bad experiences.

Zendesk believes that companies should address the issue proactively by embracing customer complaints. We all know that at least some of our customers are going to complain no matter what. When customers contact us, why not provide them with a swift, dedicated, transparent, and beautiful customer service environment for that purpose.

The inside scoop on customer complaint software

Zendesk 客戶服務解決方案使企業更可靠、更靈活且可擴容。其有助於改善與客戶的溝通,賦予大量的資料意義。畢竟,它們將協同合作,有助於將互動變為持久的良好關係。


Zendesk 客戶支援軟體將您所有的客戶資訊集中在一處。您所需要的一切匯於一處,使您與客戶之間的溝通高效、具有高相關度,且個人化。

A timely solution


  • 多管道。Zendesk 將傳統和新興管道匯於一處,便於按客戶偏好與其聯絡
  • Multilingual. Localized support content in over 40 languages can be dynamically applied everywhere – automations, macros, triggers, and knowledge base articles
  • Multibrand. Unique help centers, support channels, and business rules for multiple brands, regions, or products managed within a single help desk

Handling customer complaints

Since unhappy customers are inevitable, it's better to proactively respond to complaints than to have a disgruntled customer. In fact, an upset customer can become a liability, so turn this interaction into an opportunity to build a relationship with your customer.

Customers care more about how how a company handles their problem than about the situation that caused their initial complaint. They're not complaining to make you look bad—they want you to respond with a solution.

To learn how to turn a negative complaint into a positive customer experience, here are 10 tips to better manage customer complaints.


When it comes to dynamic complaint handling, having the right tools is a must. Try a free trial of Zendesk Support today.