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The Groomsman Suit offers suits customers love–at scale

Last updated May 21, 2020

Founded in 2016 by Jeanne Foley and Diana Ganz, the Groomsman Suit’s mission is to provide men with a high-quality suit or tuxedo that could be purchased for less than the cost of a traditional rental. In the early days following the Groomsman Suit’s 2016 launch, Foley and Ganz felt the growing pains every startup faces. They handled customer inquiries through a seemingly endless thread of Gmail exchanges and calls on their personal cell phones—often at all hours. After an unsuccessful attempt at launching an office-wide phone system to offload some of the traffic, they started searching for software that would streamline the process—which led them to the Zendesk Support Suite.

Since adopting Zendesk, agents have decreased the average first response time by 28 percent. Meanwhile, sales have literally skyrocketed—the company’s monthly sales have grown by over 350 percent.