Support insights allow WePay to provide fast service and raise satisfaction

Learn how built-in CSAT ratings with Zendesk's customer service software show WePay where they stand.

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% of tickets resolved at first touch

41 mins.

Avg. First Response Time

3 hours

Avg. Full Resolution Time



When WePay, an online payments platform, was first founded, its primary target audience was college students who needed an easy and affordable payment transaction service.

Since then, WePay has expanded beyond individual transactions and now also caters to businesses and larger organizations. With a diversifying and expanding customer base and a growing internal team, it needed business applications that allow the company to quickly understand its customers and their support needs.

Zendesk Support was one of the first business solutions that met WePay’s growth demands. To answer customers how-to questions and support inquiries, WePay leverages many of Zendesk Support’s features and integrations.

A few members of the Customer Care team

With Zendesk Support, WePay can provide multichannel support through channels such as email, Web, phone, chat, Facebook and Twitter, apply macro shortcuts on specific use cases for greater agent productivity, integrate with Olark to bring live chat and support ticket management into a single interface, pull custom data and robust reports with Zendesk Support analytics, deliver on their promise to always a deliver a happy customer support experience, and scale customer support and onboard new agents quickly with Zendesk’s easy-to-use, -implement and -customize products.

“Zendesk Support allows us to figure out who our customers are and to work more efficiently to see where they stand with the built-in satisfaction ratings.”

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With Support, WePay has seen an increase of 98 percent of tickets resolved at first response, a decreased average first response time of 41 minutes, a decreased average resolution time of 3 hours, and an increased average overall customer satisfaction rating of 90 percent.

“As we grew, our biggest challenge was how do we deal with the size and differing needs of our customers. Zendesk Support has helped us change and improve faster than we were previously able to.”

– Sophie Monroe Director of Customer Operations