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The Language I/O® app enables support agents to communicate with customers in 100+ languages across all e-support channels and plugs directly into the agent’s standard Zendesk interface. Get your free trial and check out these top features:

  • Personal data encryption: ISO-27001 certified and GDPR compliant. All personal data is encrypted before translation. For human translation, we use special tags to let linguists know the data type of the encrypted content, so they can properly translate the text around it. Personal data is decrypted before pushing it back into Zendesk. Language I/O® does not store any content once the translation is pushed back.

  • Personalized translation: You decide what is the most important in your multilingual customer support journey—cost, quality, or turnaround time.

  • Improves CSAT and NPS: Companies that respond to customer requests within ten hours enjoy CSAT scores of more than 90%. When using LanguageI/O® integrations, companies see CSAT and NPS improvement across the board, including response time

  • The best translation technology: We intelligently select the best neural machine translation engines available and make them better by layering our self-improving glossary technology on top of them. It allows accurate translation in real-time every time.

  • Industry and product specific glossaries: We personalize companies’ customer service experience by creating industry and company-specific glossaries. Product names, slogans and branding are correctly and quickly translated across all industries.

  • Machine Translation Best Practices: An optional disclaimer is available when machine translation is in place for the agent responses. Hence customers know that in the interest of responding quickly, the agent responses are machine-translated.

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