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An app enables buttons in a ticket using placeholders to link to external sites.

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What is Grey Space?

Grey Space releases apps that help fill in the gaps left by existing platforms. We manage these platforms all day, every day and through that experience we see where there is room for growth. The Button App helps fill in the gap of utilizing Zendesk data in your other platforms.

# What does the Button App do?

The Button App creates buttons that live in the ticket window. These buttons allow you to link out to any website, and you can use Zendesk Placeholders in your links. This pairs incredibly well with query parameters in a url.

Let’s say you have your internal tool and the url is internaltool.com, and you are on a ticket where the requester is buttonapp@greyspaceapps.com. If you have query parameters created that allow you to search a user by their email the Button App will allow you to link directly to that profile. Create a button that links to internaltool.com/?email={{ticket.requestor.email}}. This will pull the email from the ticket, and direct you to internaltool.com/?email=buttonapp@greyspaceapps.com.

We are excited for you to use the Button App! Welcome to Grey Space Apps and enjoy!

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