Team Status

Quickly see the status of everyone on your team

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Agent status tracking right inside of Zendesk

In a world with more people working remotely, it can be hard for customer service agents and managers to keep track of who is available and who is not.

The Team Status app gives you immediate insight into your teams status right inside of the tool that you're already using.


Set a custom status list during installation

Every company works differently. Maybe you give you employees dedicated time for monthly pingpong tournaments? That's Ok, you can create a custom status so you know who is trying to move up the ping pong ladder.

Agents set their status with the click of a button

Main interface

Everyone gets immediate insight into their teams availability

Group interface

Admin users can set the status for other people

Admin interface

Stored in Zendesk

Status is stored in a custom field on your Zendesk profile. There's no need to send anything to our servers. Your data never leaves Zendesk. You can access and modify the status from any other application using the Zendesk api.

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Free 7-day trial, then $1.00 per agent, per month

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