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Zendesk customization, design & extended functionality. Get anything from ready-made apps and templates to custom-built solutions.

GrowthDot is a development studio working to help Zendesk users extend the possibilities of their tools; and a starting point for the growth of your business.

Apps to drive productivity and engagement

*Doing more with less is easy when you have great tools at hand. *

With Zendesk Support, your team can do so much. But there’s always room for improvement. And we do our best to fill up that room.

There already are Video Reply, GDPR Compliance, Email Tracking, and Proactive Campaigns, which help agents be more productive, identify problem tickets, and take action on them. All with a personal touch.

Stay tuned as more apps are coming soon!

Importing data to Zendesk in a breeze

CSV files take time to play around with. The API is great, but not everybody can use it.

We offer a simple way to quickly and efficiently import your data from a help desk, database, or other data source - all without hurting the quality of your data and hindering the productivity of your support team.

Themes for your Zendesk Guide

*Good design does one thing - helps the user effortlessly complete the task they came with. *

GrowthDot offers off-the-shelf templates for Zendesk Guide, as well as designs and builds custom themes. So, you can either but a ready-made template and tweak it yourself. Or have a theme developed for you from scratch.

Whatever option you choose, be sure that your help center will be easy to browse and use; offer greater functionality in terms of formatting and presentation.

You can also request services like:

  • Theme installation
  • Branding
  • Customization
  • Branding of the default Zendesk email template
  • Zendesk Guide Extensions

Building custom solutions for your Zendesk Support

*Looking for one-of-a-kind solution for Zendesk Support? We can help. *

We approach custom development in a specific way. We don’t just do the task but establish a relationship. Our consultants work to adapt your requirements to make the application the best it can be. Last but not least, you get a reliable support team that will address any issues that may arise.

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