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AI-powered chatbot with ChatGPT and knowledge base integrations

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Introducing SeaChat, your cutting-edge customer service chatbot and the pinnacle of conversation automation! Powered by ChatGPT and seamlessly blending advanced AI technology and human-like conversation, SeaChat offers a truly personalized and engaging chatbot experience.

Unlock the Power of Conversation

With SeaChat's state-of-the-art ChatGPT integration, you'll witness the remarkable transformation of interactions with your customers. Our chatbot can effortlessly engage in chit chat and hold general world knowledge conversations, making every interaction feel human and natural.

Knowledge Empowered

Harness the full potential of SeaChat by integrating your business data, such as Zendesk tickets and website blogs, into our powerful Knowledge Base. This feature enables SeaChat to swiftly access and utilize your accumulated knowledge from Zendesk, resulting in precise and accurate responses to customer queries.

Beyond Basic Queries

Unlike ordinary chatbots, SeaChat goes the extra mile to address specific questions about your business. Empower your chatbot to act as a competent agent assist, providing valuable insights and information that matches the expertise of your human agents.

Rise Above the Competition

Other chatbot apps struggle to handle queries outside of their prescribed boundries, making for a limited and frustrating customer service experience. SeaChat joins the likes of Sunshine Conversations and Ada in surpassing these limitations with its unparalleled use of ChatGPT technology. Our chatbot sets a new standard for authenticity and efficiency in customer interactions.

Elevate your customer service to new heights and unlock the potential of agent assist with SeaChat. Try it today and witness the power of AI-driven conversations!

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