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Helping agents respond in record speed! Built with ChatGPT AI.

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The easiest way to use ChatGPT AI, directly in Zendesk

When your agent opens a new ticket, Easy Ticket AI automatically gets to work in the Zendesk sidebar.

  1. First, Easy Ticket AI reads the messages in the ticket, and analyses both what the customer is saying and how they are feeling.
  2. Using this understanding, Easy Ticket AI drafts a complete reply that your agent can copy with one click.

All of that only takes seconds and saves the agent a massive amount of time. As a result, your agent can focus more on solving unique problems and delighting your customers, rather than typing repetitive sentences.

Please note that the GPT 3.5 AI powering Easy Ticket AI isn't always 100% accurate. That's why we keep your agent ultimately in charge of what gets sent to your customer!

How much does it cost, and can I try it for free?

Yes, we offer a free trial! See pricing details here.

The best thing is, you can try Easy Ticket AI immediately. You don't need to leave Zendesk, and you don't need to wait hours or days for AI training. We're not downloading any of your data.

Is my customers' data secure?

We take data security seriously. Read details here.

How can I share feedback or report an issue?

Reach out to support@easyticket.ai. We want to make Easy Ticket AI the best tool possible, and would love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

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