AI-assisted ticket response drafts/edits based on help center and ticket context

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The RightPage app is a powerful agent assistant tool designed to help agents resolve tickets with accuracy, quality, and speed. Harness ChatGPT-like functionality, but specific to your customer support needs.

Features include:

  • Generate Draft Ticket Responses: In one click, well-formatted answers are instantly drafted based on ticket context, articles in your knowledge base, and optionally your ticket history.

  • Links to Relevant KB Articles and Prior Tickets: Direct links to the most relevant articles in your knowledge base and past tickets are provided alongside every draft response.

  • Suggested Macros and Tags: RightPage can automatically suggest the most relevant tags and macros for a given ticket.

  • Multi-Brand and Multi-Product Support: RightPage’s proprietary algorithms seamlessly parse sources to avoid confusing your brands and products when answering questions.

  • Multi-lingual Support: RightPage intelligently routes requests to content sources that most closely match the requester’s language. This enables RightPage to deliver high-quality, native-like, responses in over 100 languages.- Revision and Question Answering: Integrated ability for agents to request updates to drafts and ask questions.

  • Automatically up-to-date: RightPage automatically stays up-to-date with your knowledge base articles and ticket history. No additional work is needed to maintain RightPage.

  • Grammar and Clarity Check: One click to verify the grammatical correctness and overall clarity of a draft response in the agent ticket editor.

The benefits of RightPage include:

  • Faster first-response time: With RightPage, agents spend less time searching and writing boilerplate.

  • Increase first-contact resolution: RightPage’s detailed answers help agents provide comprehensive answers to customers, resulting in higher first-contact resolution rates.

  • Faster agent onboarding: The ability to surface relevant reference material and drafts helps new agents quickly ramp up to speed.

  • Improved customer satisfaction: Your customers will love the increased ticket response quality and speed that your team can deliver with the help of RightPage.

RightPage is a technology company that builds solutions that help support teams provide delightful support to their customers.

Experience the benefits for yourself, powered by GPT-4. Try out the RightPage app today, with a free proof of concept.

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