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Scan and redact all tickets, comments, and file attachments with high accuracy.

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Nightfall™ is a data security and compliance platform that helps find and protect your most sensitive data (PII, PHI, Secrets and Keys, etc.) and build customer trust. Stay continuously compliant with leading standards such as HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and much more. It is the easiest to use and most accurate data leak prevention (DLP) platform for SaaS & cloud apps, powered by machine learning.

Integrate in minutes with all your cloud apps, including Zendesk to instantly protect your data and prevent breaches. Save time with real-time alerts, remediation actions, and pre-built detection templates to ensure you spend less time managing security alerts.

Join hundreds of leading companies that trust Nightfall to protect their most sensitive data. Learn more about our customers here.

Why Nightfall:

Fastest implementation: Integrate in minutes to detect sensitive data in 100+ file types, including images.

Easiest to use & manage: Real-time alerts and automated ticket remediation actions - redact, delete an attachment, and mark ticket comments as private - to reduce compliance workload.

Most accurate detection: ML-based detectors identify sensitive data with market-leading accuracy.

Comprehensive coverage: Coverage for all users even if users are on BYOD devices and unmanaged networks.

Employee friendly: No agents, no proxies. Notify end-users to self-heal and improve data security hygiene.

Proactive protection: Get actionable context and insights in the Nightfall Dashboard, SIEM, email or Slack.

To learn more, visit Nightfall for Zendesk or email us at:

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