CSAT, NPS, CES, FCR and VOC Feedback Surveys after Zendesk interactions

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Provide The Support Experiences Your Customers Deserve

GetFeedback by Momentive is a customer feedback and experience platform purpose-built for customer support, success, and experience teams. Organizations can start quickly and easily with templitized surveys based on CX best practices, that are sent after support, or other customer touch-points. Quickly take action to drive better agent engagement and customer experience across the entire journey.

Our self-service platform and integration enables organizations of any size to get up and running fast. Capture feedback immediately across multiple channels, including digital experiences. Increase loyalty, drive customer retention and improve the overall experience with our closed-loop feedback collection and escalation workflows. Combine customer feedback and Zendesk data to uncover actionable customer, product, and agent insights that help organizations provide exceptional experiences everywhere.

Drastically Increase Survey Response Rates

  • Personalize every customer survey using fields from Zendesk
  • Use custom branded, mobile friendly designs optimized for email and SMS
  • Build CSAT, NPS, and CES surveys from best-practice templates

Easily Uncover Actionable Trends

  • Aggregate all customer feedback into one place to spot trends by channel
  • Segment feedback by core Zendesk customer data or agent information
  • Understand open text responses with keyword, key phrase, and sentiment analysis

Quickly Trigger The Right Follow Up

  • Notify agents and set tasks in real time for follow up based on customer feedback
  • Automate relational and transactional surveys across the entire customer lifecycle
  • Ensure high value customers get the right outreach from the right people

Our Integration Enables You To:

  • Send surveys after service interactions to collect feedback from customers
  • Choose when you want these sent using filters in Zendesk
  • Customize the branding, questions and feel to match your company's needs
  • Personalize the survey to include content like the agent’s name, the product purchased, the customer name or location shopped to drive higher response rates
  • See your Zendesk ticket data, KPI’s, and metrics in GetFeedback for greater analysis and action
  • Trigger other post-response actions like sending a Slack message to the support manager, or CSM on key accounts, or to Salesforce.

Discover why our customers trust GetFeedback to power their CX

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“Customer expectations are changing fast. We rely on agile partners to pivot and improve. GetFeedback moves at our pace to synthesize Voice of the Customer and expedite data-driven decisions and actions.” - Stephanie Stafford, Director of Customer Experience, YETI

Want To Learn more?

Contact to learn more about our partnership and integration with Zendesk or visit us at to learn more about anything and everything CX related.

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