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Current state of Support Experience

With the decline of average CX scores over the past years (recently dropping down to 48.6), the need for better support experience is at its peak. With data evolving in terms of volume, velocity and variety, multiple support channels, different data sources and flooding customer queries, companies are facing extreme difficulties to improve their support experience. The need of the hour is to put more efforts in understanding customer's problems and resolving their issues in ways that are faster, a lot smarter and scalable.

Ascendo AI

Ascendo saves and impact lives and experiences together with customer support agents. Ascendo is a full Support Experience platform built for customer support teams. Ascendo provides an all-in-one solution that utilized the most cutting-edge machine learning models along with the state-of-the-art NLP techniques to look at problems in a way they've never been observed before. Ascendo provides unmatched accuracy and self-learning engine that helps agents solve issues, detects anomaly, provides knowledge intelligence, surfaces product feedback, sentiment and churn, manages backlog, makes spares planning smart and delights self-service.

Why Ascendo?

Ascendo's core prediction engine entails a variety of models running parallelly to make an agent's life easier. Here's what makes Ascendo stand out:

Advanced textual understanding

With so much data around and similar queries asked in variety of ways, it becomes hard to understand the problem. Ascendo's engine looks at the Context, Entities, Intent and Sentiments of the queries to give you an overall understanding of the underlying problem.

Semantic Inference

Ascendo makes it unbelievably simple to gather your data from multiple sources and group down the issues related to similar root cause and symptoms, without any human intervention. It gives an agent another perspective to observe customer's queries and helps in faster and a smarter resolution.

Multi Channel Support

Not only does Ascendo provides connections to various data sources, it also can link your data and solutions to several support channels. This way, you can support your customers on slack, on any website using Ascendo's AI Bot or even use your solutions for direct search using Ascendo's AI Search.

Multiple Support Segments

Ascendo's all in one solution doesn’t do one job at a time. It provides agents with numerous support segments including Intelligent Bot, Automatic Categorization, Top Issue Trends, Smart Predictions, Auto Triaging and so much more, all as a part of a single solution.

Always Self Learning

Ascendo's AI keeps on learning as it continues to be fed with more data. This helps it become even smarter, faster and more accurate with time.


Q. Are Ascendo's predictions keywords based?

A: Ascendo's Predictions are not only keywords based, but these are based on advanced word vectors, taking into account word probabilities, sentence structures and textual similarity.

Q: Is Auto Categorization really automatic?

A: Yes! Ascendo needs no human intervention to categorize your customer's data into various Root causes, sub root causes and symptoms. However, you're free to validate the groups and make Ascendo's engine learn better.

Q: Can Ascendo connect to different CRMs? A: Absolutely, Ascendo partners up with Zendesk and also has the capability to connect to other CRMs in the market.

Q: Can I connect to multiple support channels with different solutions?

A: You can seamlessly provide different solutions to spread across different support channels, all at once.

Q: Can Ascendo recognize new problems?

A: Ascendo has the ability to identify new clusters of problems. It also give an agent the ability to provide answers to unresolved questions, and learns them as well to be prediction ready.

Q: How much data does Ascendo require for predicting solutions?

A: Ascendo can even start with a very few samples of data, available as solutions for queries. As and when more data is supplied, Ascendo's engine keeps track of this data along with the previously collected data and improve its knowledge.

Q: Does Ascendo provide insights to customers' questions?

A: As a part of Ascendo Reveal, Ascendo lets users dive deeper into customer queries. Ascendo provides you insights for Top Questions, Top Products, Tribal Knowledge, Leaderboards, Usage Metrics and much more.


Ascendo is a no code, fully integrated and out-of-the-box models ready to:

  • Automated Knowledge Creation: Create Knowledge from everyday interactions

  • Know the expert: Know who the expert is to provide further guidance on the particular topic of discussion

  • Enhance Self serve: Provide your expert at all times and all channels with Virtual agent. Resolve issues, learn from issues, build the ability to augment human agents. Scale your workforce. Reduce Escalations

  • Smart Backlog: Why solve one issue at a time when you have smart backlog management? Find what type of issues are in your backlog, how to resolve them

  • Escalation Prediction: Detect interaction intent and sentiment to predict customer escalations

  • Knowledge Intelligence: Self learn from every response to automatically create and improve knowledge. Bring out relevant and latest knowledge as customers call for it. Provide additional weightage to knowledge created by the expert. Identify gaps, duplicates and auto-retire what becomes irrelevant.

  • Agent Assist: Assist agents where they need and when they need. Automatically learn from the expert to make every agent an expert.

  • Voice of the Customer: Detect new issue categories as soon as they surface so you’re always on the pulse of customers’ concerns and sentiment. Then use trend data to make more informed staffing, knowledge and scale decisions for your team.

  • Auto Root Cause: Automatically identify and analyze symptoms, problems and root cause categories to reveal inherent interaction patterns.

  • Action Intelligence: Reveal patterns and insights across all customer interactions that you can use to drive Product to where it matters most, plan staffing and proactive customer experience.

Moreover, with Zendesk Integration, you can:

  • Quickly Triage all of the open and new tickets

  • Automatically categorize the tickets with ready to use prediction model.

  • Predict the most applicable macros that can be help in responding to tickets.

  • Review your ticket backlog

  • Use Tickets, Help Articles and Macros and macros as readily available solutions

  • Integrate Help Articles in multiple support channels including Slack or AI Bot or AI Search

And this is just the beginning. Ascendo's mission is to make your support journey simpler, faster and better!

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