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AI-inside, self-trained Triage tool for ticket categorization for any business

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Classifier Pro is an easy-to-use, fully automatic Triage tool… Trained on your tickets (unlike plain Classifier which has pre-built models), Tailored for your business specifics, keep Your Experience and Running with your existing classes and tags.

Classification (or Triage) of the incoming tickets by adding (labelling) appropriate Categories (Tags) is the first and necessary step for customer request’s processing. It gives to you the chance to sort and prioritize tickets by business importance, problem emergency, product group or customer group. However, manual classification requires up to 10% of the overall working time so automation is the key for whole helpdesk performance.

Our service carefully analyze tickets in your Zendesk Support system and create your own taxonomy of categories used by self-trained Neuro-Linguistic Triage Model. High Quality and Accuracy of prediction guaranteed by innovative deep learning technology that used real data.

Classifier Pro clean tickets from any contacts, names, numbers and all other personal data. Service do not keep any data and not send it outside of Zendesk ecosystem. We carefully follow to rules of personal data processing and management.

Enjoy a free 14-day trial to evaluate Classifier Pro in real action with your tickets.

Key features:

  • Ready-to-use, self-trained Triage tool Tailored for your business

  • Best in class Quality (Accuracy of Prediction is up to 98% on the real data). Service works only with your real data, train Neural Network specific for your business and help you to transfer the real helpdesk experience to the automation of the customer support

  • Fast integration, Simple to admin and customize, Easy to use (fully automatic) - just 5-15min from 1st click to operational mode


  • Automatic Intent identification (Know Exactly Why Customer Contacts You)\ High-growth brands cannot manage an influx of customer needs and effectively scale without eliminating manual, time-consuming work, like shifting through queues, escalating issues, or processing transactions. Speed, Quality and Cost of answering matter…\ Classifier Pro uses deep learning to analyze and classify inbound conversations, which can activate processes that expedite customer and support agents’ experience for more valuable engagement

  • Enabler for Automation (Use the ticket classification as key enabler for your helpdesk routine automation):

    • Classify tickets and automate Rules. Business rules and workflow engines can perform simple to complex tasks, like escalate conversations or update data based on class recognized by Classifier. Smart ticket workflow saves about 25% of total Support Cost (high performance, less staff, less infrastructure cost…)
    • Route Conversations. Specialize your agents around the reasons your customers meet your team. Use their experience for dramatic cutting of ticket’s Resolution Time up to 70%
    • Sent Auto Response. Responses to your most common questions can be automated, freeing up valuable time and energy of your staff and increasing overall Team Performance up to 40%

Everything you need for Smart Classification is in the start box now!

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