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Assign tickets to staff as soon as they open ticket but only if it is unassigned

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This app is one of our two live versions. This version assign tickets to staffs as soon as they open the ticket BUT only IF the ticket is unassigned (not assigned to any other staff). Whereas, the other version assign tickets to staffs as soon as they open the ticket even if it is assigned to any other staff (Both Assignment and Re-assignment).

We have exempted Admins & Account Owner from this feature because a lot of times they have to audit tickets. We have also added a special feature which checks for any pre-assigned group on the ticket and assigns the ticket to the staff under that group itself (if the staff is part of that group).

This app helps improve effeciency and TATs as admins can eventually privledge zendesk data to monitor how long staff takes to action tickets post assignment and also how many tickets are actioned by the staff. Currently there is no way for the admins to track if staffs open a ticket but do not action it as it is not recorded under events.

The app also shows the assignment status in the right side app panel of the ticket. It mentions if the ticket is Already Assigned to the same user, Assignment skipped due to staff role, Assigned to staff successfully OR Assignment failed due to any error. It works perfectly fine in the play mode as well.

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