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Route 101 Speech & Text Analytics for Zendesk, powered by Calabrio ONE

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Combine the power of the Zendesk platform with the insights delivered through Calabrio’s market-leading Speech & Text Analytics.
With Route 101’s Speech and Text Analytics integrator, you can analyse historical interaction and handle time data from Zendesk Support, Chat, and Talk with industry-leading speech recognition accuracy and processing rates. Powered by Calabrio ONE, the most robust, accurate, and efficient speech analytics tool on the market. Unlock the true voice of your customer and drive profitable change in the contact centre and across your business. Transform every customer interaction into usable data and distil that data into key trends. Import tickets from email and chat interactions created in Zendesk to Calabrio for text analysis – including sentiment and phrase recognition. Leverage Route 101’s open CCaaS integration to export audio and CTR records and analyse your voice interactions.

  • Speech, Desktop and Text analytics: it’s all part of the same comprehensive package
  • Powered by AI and machine learning to predict the outcomes that most impact your business
  • Combined power of phonetics & speech-to-text provides industry-leading speech recognition accuracy and processing rates
  • Dynamic & customizable business intelligence and reporting

Leverage information within your existing Zendesk instance to supercharge your customer service, discover trends in tickets and interactions, and predict CSAT scores for interactions and tickets.

Helping you to:

  • Gain insight into every customer touchpoint and interaction.
  • View trends – whether via email, chat, voice – in a common dashboard for holistic analysis by channel
  • Correlate customer speech and text interactions with agent actions to understand the applications and processes that drive successful outcomes. Learn when lagging technology is slowing success and identify knowledge gaps that hinder customer satisfaction.
  • Translate all call interactions into a sentiment score of positive, neutral, or negative without waiting for lagging feedback sources like sales or post-call surveys.

Route 101’s Speech & Text Analytics for Zendesk bridges the gap between Zendesk and Calabrio – helping you to turn your contact centre into a customer intelligence hub. Accelerate your operational agility with a robust integration, and improve the scope and quality of your customer data.

Available only to agents using “Zendesk Support/Talk/Chat” seats.

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