Cx Moments Auto QA for Support

Automated Quality Assurance on 100% of your customer conversations

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Scale your Contact Center QA by automatically scoring your Zendesk tickets and chats. Discover and trend agents' performance around regulatory compliance, delivery of branded greetings, behavior, and empathy.

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Configurable QA rules to meet your specific business needs

Easily create customized QA criteria that combine keywords and simple logical rules to measure your agents' brand & regulatory compliance and behavior objectives, such as:

  • Do your support agents correctly use your specific branded greetings?

  • Do they show empathy when customers share problems or distress?

  • Do they use the required disclaimers and T&Cs?

  • Do they avoid banned vocabulary such as inside jargon or negative terms?

Automatically measure performance against each QA criteria

  • View Pass and Fail rates for each Auto QA rules

  • Trend performance against compliance, best practice, and behavior guidelines

  • Navigate your reports by date range, filter per agent groups, brands or channels.

  • Export your reports in one click for analysis in other platforms

Automatically track agent compliance

Monitor all your agents across all their conversations for non-adherence to script. Avoid regulatory breaches that may result in penalties.

Reduce time to score with visual markups

Assist your quality evaluators with rich markups that show where, in each conversation, QA rules passed or failed. Highlight in one-click the agent’s keywords or phrases that triggered these results.

Try Cx Moments Auto QA now by requesting a free trial here!

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