Real-Time Contextual Insights for mobile apps.

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With best-in-class bug and feedback reporting, secure crash reporting, intuitive in-app surveys, and powerful infrastructure that supports over two billion devices and counting, Instabug is the most intuitive way of collecting Real-Time Contextual Insights throughout the entire mobile app lifecycle, empowering you to accelerate your workflow and release with confidence.

Why Instabug?

  • Improve your customers' satisfaction.
  • Save your support and engineering teams time through rich and contextual tickets that contain all the logs and details needed to spot the problems and fix them easily.
  • The process to integrate the SDK into the app takes less than a minute to be done.


  • Your mobile app's users can easily add screenshots, video recordings, and annotations parallel with a description of the problem or issue they faced.
  • Your mobile app's users can receive your team's replies from Zendesk right inside your application and through push notifications instead of email.
  • Every bug, request or issue reported by a user will automatically contain the following:
  • A screenshot, app version, OS, device, location, and session duration.
  • The steps that the user did in your app before encountering the problem, all the network requests performed by the app as well as any console of debugging logs added by your engineering team.
  • The state of the app and the device during the last 60 seconds before the issue. It contains information about memory usage, storage consumption, connectivity, battery, and orientation.


Instabug helps us aggregate user feedback to identify issues and learn more about our users' flow and needs. It helps us uphold our commitment to responding to each and every report we get.

Kimberly Kalb | Head of Marketing at houseparty

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You can find more about Instabug here.

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