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Link Plentymarkets customers and their order history to your Zendesk tickets.

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How the Plentymarkets app works

To work with different shops in an omni-channel marketplace environment can cause problems regarding customers and their order history. Different e-commerce platforms or erp-systems such as shopify, amazon, linnworks, plentymarket, plentyShop, afterbuy, shopware, woocommerce etc. are maybe connected to your Zendesk via rest-api, but that doesn't mean that all customer data is linked the that on client. The plentymarkets app from Leafworks gives you a powerful plentymarkets plugin to solve this problem.


Plentymarkets app automatically checks and links Plentymarkets users from all different marketplaces and their order history directly to Zendesk tickets. For each new ticket, a search by user's email is automatically performed, but in cases, no data has been found, agents can connect Plentymarket users manually with a search.


The data of the order will be shown in the ticket sidebar with the following features:

  • Search for customers and orders
  • Show detailed information about customers
  • Link a specific order to the ticket
  • Show details about the order (Shipping date, number of parcels, invoice amount, delivery/billing address, order status (Pending, Canceled, etc.), and many more...)
  • Change order status (cancellation)
  • Change the rating for a customer in PlentyMarkets



App inquiries

Contact us if you have any questions, comments, or feature requests regarding this app.

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