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Blend for Zendesk Support

Serve your customers in their native language, regardless of yours

Supporting customers in a multi-market environment is a complex challenge, especially considering the language barrier.

Your customers are expecting you to speak their language.

With Blend you can leverage the latest advancements in Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology, and serve your customers better.

By plugging into our network of 25,000 translation and localization experts worldwide, your company can efficiently produce consistent communications that resonate in the hearts and minds of local users around the globe.

Blend services are trusted by 60% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies.

To learn more about us, check out our website.


  • Outgoing comments: Zendesk Admin controls which translation type (MT Only/MTPE/Human Only) will be used in each language pair.

  • Instant Machine Translation for incoming tickets, using generic machine translation engine. So you can basically use the app for incoming comments translation out-of-the-box, free of charge, using your own generic engine API keys!

  • Blend can assign a different trained machine translation engine for each language pair. For details and pricing, talk with our localization experts!

  • You can have a fully functional app - integrated with BLEND - in 5-minute time, by creating a user at Blend, purchasing some credits here and getting your API keys here. Easy!

Our customer support is at your service in case you have any issue. Contact Us

How to use the app

  • Using the App is super easy and intuitive. Contact us if you want OHT to train your support reps and your admin, or if you have additional questions.
  • Incoming comments are translated using generic engine, to save time and costs. The rep chooses his/her native language and the client’s, or clicks “Identify” when client’s language is unknown, then “Translate to my native language”. After MT is completed the result is added to the comments section as a private note.
  • Outgoing comment is translated using a private note, instead of a regular comment. The content to be translated and sent to the customer should be preceded with the hashtag #transbox. Then Submit as Open/Pending/Solved as usual, and continue to your next tickets. When the translation is completed it will be added to the comments feed as a regular comment, and will be automatically sent to the customer. 

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