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Solving the Big Data Challenge

Most organizations today face the challenge of analyzing a large amount of data. According to HBR research, less than 1% of unstructured data is analyzed or used at all. Less than 50% of structured data is used to make decisions. Some of the challenges with big data analysis include scaling infrastructure, finding critical talent and optimizing cost.

To benefit from the data generated in your organization, you must integrate multiple data sources. This includes creatively sourcing internal and external data, and upgrading your IT architecture and infrastructure for easy merging of data. Prediction and Optimization Models help to focus on the biggest drivers of performance for success in your organization's transformation.

To order to achieve organizational transformation, you must create simple, understandable for people on the front lines, update processes and develop capabilities to enable tool use.

Sutherland Intella is a cloud-based business intelligence solution that offers out-of-the-box reporting solutions for various tools and provides insights to drive your organization's needs. We help integrate multiple sources of data into a single business intelligence (BI) solution for your organization. ## Make Smarter Decisions with Real-Time Analytics across the Entire Value Chain

The Zendesk Connector for Sutherland Intella helps you to bring in your ticket data for detailed analysis and reporting. Sutherland combines the power of self-service analytics with Zendesk and other applications to provide a unified solution featuring a broad range of analytics use cases:

  • Users get an integrated experience that seamlessly transitions from the Zendesk to purpose-built analytics dashboards and rich visual analyses.

  • Analysis and reporting power-users create and manage dashboards and reports, as well as determine which content is ready for publication.

  • Out-of-the-box reports help users tell a story with Zendesk data and communicate better to business stakeholders.

  • End users see a highly intuitive visual interface for browsing and searching published dashboards.

  • Security and compliance standards ensure data is protected and safe.

    Sutherland Intella Drives Business Outcomes

  • Anticipate trends based on current conditions and past performance.

  • Detect and prioritize service bottlenecks as they occur.

  • Easily identify areas where automation can increase efficiency.

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