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View customer and sale details from your Easy Digital Downloads store in Zendesk

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This Easy Digital Downloads integration app allows you to view customer, sale and product information from your Easy Digital Downloads store within the Zendesk Support ticket sidebar.

View sales

  • View all sales associated with a customer

  • Filter the list of sales by a search term

  • Sort the list of sales by ID, date or sale total

View sale details

  • View details of all product line items for a given sale

  • View sale payment history, including applicable taxes and discounts

  • View customer details, including total downloads, purchases and spend

  • Click to view customer, sale or product details within Easy Digital Downloads

If you have questions or thoughts about how to improve this app, please contact us as we value your feedback.

If you need an app that supports any of the official Easy Digital Downloads extensions or one custom-built to your requirements, feel free to submit a request to our Services team.

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