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Performset is an advanced SLA | OLA Management paid app and web service requiring onboarding consulting support from the Cloudset family of extension products for Zendesk.

Keep your promises with sophisticated and proactive SLA | OLA metrics and measurements.

Step outside of fitting into limited and fixed models and implement your SLA’s and OLA’s precisely as you need for your business. Key features include:

  • Standard and custom SLA metrics
  • Multiple work time schedules
  • Flexible triggering and satisfaction rules
  • Arbitrary starts and stops to support escalations
  • Flexible metrics clock pausing and solve continuation
  • Fuzzy end-of-next-day metrics

A unique SLA Assistant surfaces the metric target times, policy, and schedule making them highly visible. Together with operational progress reporting, it provides a full context to support proactive management.

Complete with a real-time SLA Dashboard. See the giant picture or just the right segmentation to make next-up or informed decisions.

Real-time notification for pre-breach and breach points down to a granularity of one minute. Never miss an opportunity to prevent an SLA violation.

The benefits of the Performset include:

  • Performance compliance
  • Where applicable save penalty costs for breaching SLA's
  • Improved decision making at a per ticket and aggregated viewpoint
  • Support a wide range of use of SLA | OLA policies
  • Seamlessly integrate into the Zendesk UX and UI

A Cloudset Framework account is created for all new customers, providing a hub for all Cloudset purchased apps, enabling access to Zendesk Guide integration services, and billing management.

Note: The Cloudset Framework, specifically the configuration tools, requires API access to your Zendesk via Zendesk’s secure OAuth mechanism. Revocable at any time.

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