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An all-in-one quality control and feedback loop solution

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QA to build better customer experiences.

Miuros Review is an all-in-one quality assurance platform trusted by TransferWise, Swapfiets and more, that allows you to review and evaluate any interactions that your team has with your customers.

How it works

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Get rid of spreadsheets and Google forms forever and save valuable time:

  • Automatically assign and schedule reviews in advance
  • Build your own scorecards
  • Agent development plan: A central place where you keep track of feedback given to agents.
  • Play with your data and get actionable insights with 360° reporting
  • Chrome extension
  • Notifications when reviews are assigned, completed or are about to expire
  • Quickly identify whether an issue is at an agent level, common in a team or is a wider problem.
  • Peer-to-Peer reviewing and Calibration functionality

TransferWise made their process 2x more efficient with Miuros Review

“Miuros was a wonderful change. It definitely takes pressure off the agents; here they can constantly check how they're doing and if they have any questions they can talk about it right away” - TransferWise Case Study

Hungry for more? Check out Miuros Insights, our solution to painful, unintuitive analytics dashboards - and Miuros Assist, to supercharge your agents’ efficiency with AI.

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我們非常重視意見反饋。 成為第一位撰寫評論的人。

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