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Export your tickets, users, and organizations.

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Data export enables businesses to extract, analyze, and utilize valuable information from customer interactions. As we move towards an era dominated by artificial intelligence and automation, data export serves as a vital component for training AI-powered tools. By exporting customer support data, organizations can create a comprehensive dataset that helps in the development and refinement of AI algorithms. The Advanced Export app is designed to simplify the process of exporting valuable customer support data from your Zendesk account.

With this application, users can easily extract ticket data, user information, and organization details.

Key Features of Advanced Export:

  • Flexible Export Formats: Choose between XLSX or CSV files, depending on your preferred data format for analysis or AI training purposes.

  • Advanced Filtering Options: Customize your data export by using a variety of filters, such as date ranges, tags, custom fields, and more, to obtain the most relevant information.

  • Comprehensive Data Export: The application covers a wide range of exported data, including user and agent data, organizations and tickets.

  • Detailed Exported Fields: Gain insights from the exported data by accessing a plethora of ticket and user fields otherwise accessible only via API.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Advanced Export app features a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly set up and execute data exports, making the entire process hassle-free.

What data can you export?

For tickets:

  • Subject and description
  • Creation date
  • The first and the last end-user’s comments
  • The first and the last agent’s comments
  • Requester name/email/phone
  • Tags
  • Ticket Status
  • Custom fields values
  • Satisfaction ratings

For users:

  • User name/email/phone
  • Role and status
  • Tags
  • Created and updated date
  • Custom fields
  • User organization
  • User groups

For organizations:

  • Organization Name
  • Domain
  • Details and notes
  • Custom fields
  • Organization tags
  • Created and updated dates

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