Ticket Family by BCR.CX

Create and link all tickets together like a Family.

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What is Ticket Family?

Ticket Family is a Zendesk application developed by BCR.CX that allows you to group related tickets into a single view for better management and problem resolution. With Ticket Family, users can easily see all conversations and interactions related to a specific issue, allowing for a better understanding of context and a more effective response.

How to use Ticket Family?

To use Ticket Family, simply install the application on your Zendesk account and then group related tickets using the 'Ticket Family' field on the ticket details page. This will create a unique view for all tickets in the group, allowing users to work together to resolve the problem more quickly and efficiently.

Why choose BCR.CX applications?

BCR.CX is a company specialized in Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO) and Business Environment Outsourcing (BEO), which develops applications to help companies improve their processes and offer a high-quality customer service experience. By choosing BCR.CX applications, customers can rely on quality products that will help increase their teams' efficiency and productivity. To learn more about BCR.CX's services and products, visit the website https://bcrcx.com/.

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