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Search and link public articles in your tickets from an external Help Center

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The Knowledge Share app enables your agents to search and link public articles from an external Help Center. Your agent can leverage the knowledge of your business partner or vendor who is also using Zendesk without leaving the ticket. The app supports all public available articles in the external Help Center.

Key Features

  • Search all public available articles in an external Help Center from your business partner or vendor without leaving the ticket
  • Insert links to relevant Help Center articles in ticket comments based on knowledge in an external Help Center

Use Case

With more than 150.000 businesses worldwide using Zendesk the chance is very big your business partner or vendor is also using Zendesk. Building a knowledge base with all knowledge of your business partner could be very time consuming and maintaning it is even more worse. With the Knowledge Share app your agent directly searches in the knowledge from for an example Zendesk itself. It also can be very helpful for organisations who are using Zendesk Support on multiple instances and need access to the knowledge on another instance.

Examples of popular external knowledge bases

  • Zendesk:
  • Slack:
  • Squarespace:
  • Vimeo:

Note only publicly available articles are available in the Knowledge Share app.

The first week is on us! After installing your free 7 days trial will start so you can tryout this application without any worries.

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