AI powerhouse for AI-driven QA, insights, coaching, and gamified engagement

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Kaizo is an AI powerhouse for scaling support management teams looking to supercharge their service quality, streamline workflows, and deliver outstanding support.

AI and gamification will reinvent customer support as we know it today and we are the ones driving that train, trusted by hundreds of customer support teams globally!

Why Kaizo?

  • AI-powered QA: leverage Auto QA, AI-driven conversation reviews, sentiment-based ticket sorting, instant issue detection, GPT-generated conversation summaries, and ticket filtering to reach 100% Quality Assurance coverage.
  • Performance Insights: effortlessly spot issues with performance drill-ins, identify underperformers for coaching, swiftly generate accurate reports to compare team and individual outcomes. Spend less time on generating reports, and more time working with your team on resolving issues.
  • Performance Coaching: pinpoint root causes of negative results, create data-driven improvement roadmaps, and establish a continuous feedback loop with AI to enhance team performance, and turn customer support into a customer happiness center.
  • Gamified Engagement: keep agents engaged and reduce turnover rates by motivating your teams with AI-generated goals and celebrating successes with gamified rewards.

🚀 Want to know more about the special things Kaizo built for Zendesk users? Visit this page.

We take security seriously:

  • You can feel safe with us — we don’t store your customers’ Personal Identifiable Information (PII).
  • No setup required — Kaizo is an out-of-the-box solution with a 2-min install & full Zendesk integration.

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