Read Receipts for Zendesk Pro

Quickly & easily add Email Tracking & Read Receipts to Zendesk!

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Read Receipts & Email Tracking for Zendesk

Use email tracking to instantly see when an email was sent, opened and which comment was read!

  • Use email tracking to Increase sales & NPS scores while decreasing ticket resolution times.
  • Create custom views & automations around unread tickets to increase agent productivity and sales.
  • Easily identify which comment was read with Sending Agent and Comment Read.

+ Create automatic follow ups or notifications for unread tickets to increase sales and decrease ticket resolution times!

Views & Automations

Easily tag unread tickets to create powerful views & automations. Create a view to identify unread tickets or automatically send a reminder or follow up email for unread tickets to reduce ticket resolution times!

Custom Read Receipt Author

Create a custom Read Receipt from an author your specify. e.g.

Sending Agent

The Read Receipts contain the sending agent or name of the agent who created the comment easily allowing your agent to determine which comment was read!

Comment Read

Each Read Receipt contains the first line of the comment that was read allowing your agent to easily identify which comment was read.

Read Receipt Metadata

Quickly & easily diagnose technical issues by knowing the browser type and operating system.

Blacklisting & Whitelisting.

We seamlessly blacklist agents in order to prevent them from accidentally creating a read receipt. You can also whitelist IP addresses when you are working with agents at a clients site.

We support your GDPR compliancy efforts (Exclusive)

We do not store any end-user customer data.

Ticket Portal (Exclusive)

Our Public Ticket Portal allows your customer to view, solve and update tickets without having to login. Don't worry we designed it to be extremely secure at the same time.

Customizable Ticket Portal HTML Header

Customizable HTML Email Headers

Customizable Ticket Portal HTML Header

Instant CSAT Response

Once the user clicks on solve, you have the option to present a CSAT survey that we can import directly into your Zendesk instance. This will increase CSAT response rates since it requires only one additional click.

Customizable Ticket Portal HTML Header

About Us

My Read Receipts & Email Tracking was created to add features Zendesk forgot. Over 1,000 companies and 100,000+ agents trust us on a daily basis.

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MyReadReceipts, Inc.
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$2.00 per agent, per month

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