Intelligent Voice PCI Call Redaction

Secure, same day, automatic redaction of all Payment Card Information

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Secure, same day, automatic redaction of all Payment Card Information in English

Automatic, secure, same day redaction of all Payment Card Information spoken in English from the Zendesk Talk call recording held in a Zendesk Support Ticket.

Minimizes the amount of time recordings are present in-clear

GPU-accelerated transcription and redaction, followed by immediate replacement of the original unredacted recording on the Zendesk Support Ticket.

Optimized user experience for your Zendesk Talk & Support Agents

Processed recording appears in the same manner as the original, with full original call metadata. No need to access the redacted recording as a separate attachment to the ticket.

A highlighted comment in the Zendesk Support ticket indicates whether redactions were made or not.

Post-call workflows for redacted and/or unredacted recordings enabled via Zendesk event triggers.

Simple, competitive pricing

5 USD per month per PCI-handling Zendesk Talk Agent.

No charge for Support-only Agents, or for Zendesk Talk Agents who don’t handle PCI in English.

No minimum number of subscribed Talk Agents.

First month free for all your subscribed PCI-handling Talk Agents.

Available for all Zendesk Talk Feature Plans from ‘Lite’ upwards.

Full support for Seasonal Demand Variations and Joiners, Movers & Leavers

No minimum license period for any subscribed Zendesk Talk Agent; partial months are pro rata'd.

Addition and removal of Users is under your own control inside Zendesk.

From Intelligent Voice Limited

NVIDIA Inception Partner for GPU-accelerated speech to text, ISO 9001 & 27001 accredited, and winners of the Security Innovation Award at the UK Government’s annual Global Security Event.

Try before you buy

Free 1 month trial available for any and all of your PCI-handling Talk Agents by clicking the button on the top right of the screen, retained as your first month free if and when you proceed. To schedule a quick walkthrough, or for any questions, reach out to us at

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Intelligent Voice
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Free 30-day trial, then $5.00 per agent, per month

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