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  • Quick access to all views via a tree-like hierarchical list.
  • Integrated search, with easy access to recent searches and the ability to save searches to re-use later.
  • Enhanced ticket previews. Get more information quicker, without having to open tickets.
  • Advanced ticket merging interface that gives you more control over how ticket data is merged.
  • Improved bulk ticket editing dialog, with support for macros.
  • More control over view results. Customize how many tickets are displayed on each page and use additional fields for sorting.

Lovely Views is the feature packed alternative to standard Zendesk views. If you've got a lot of ticket views to manage or have ever felt limited by standard views, then you've come to the right place.

The standard views list in Zendesk only shows an agent a max of 20 views. To see the rest, agents need to click on "More" and are taken away from the views interface. This is inefficient and can really slow agents down if they regularly switch between more than a few views. Lovely Views changes this by displaying all available views in a single, easy to use panel. Lovely Views allows you to categorize your views into hierarchical tree-like folders, which reduces clutter and makes it easier for your agents to quickly access the views they require.

Lovely Views also comes with integrated search. Agents can perform searches directly within the app, with the results presented in the same familiar way as views. Unlike the Zendesk's standard search, Lovely Views keeps track of recent searches and allows you to save them for re-use later. This makes it simple to execute advanced search queries without having to re-type them over and over.

Lovely Views now comes with enhanced ticket previews, which are enabled by default. When hovering over a ticket, you'll be able to see more detail about a ticket, including the full list of comments, the date the ticket was created/last updated, and any groups, channel, or tags associated with the ticket. As well, many fields are also clickable. This allows you to quickly load similar tickets and/or related information.

The ticket merging interface in Lovely Views has been improved to give you more clarity and control over the process. Merge tickets in the standard Zendesk manner or use the custom merge feature to fine tune how the merged ticket data is combined into a new ticket. We’ve also added an option that allows you to prevent agents from merging tickets that are not all from the same requester.

Lovely Views also features an improved bulk editing interface.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Lovely Views provides dozens of other improvements and time-savers that over time, can result in big productivity gains. Read more at Lovely Views's home page.

Differences between Lovely Views, Lovely Views Classic (v1) and the built-in views interface are on this page.

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