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Two-way integration between Zendesk tickets and Slack conversations

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Slack + Zendesk = <3

Halp allows you to seamlessly integrate Zendesk tickets with Slack to enable IT and other internal ops teams to supercharge everyday workflows between their two favorite tools. We help hundreds of innovative companies improve response times and collaboration including Adobe, Slack, and Home Depot.

Slack messages can be transformed into Zendesk tickets to manage and measure internal employee requests or shared channels with customers. Zendesk tickets can be sent into Slack channels to automate escalations and increase company-wide collaboration on issues.

Zendesk tickets are two-way synced with a thread in Slack. Messages in the thread automatically create responses to the Zendesk ticket, allowing coworkers or customers to respond in a familiar chat-based environment while keeping everything organized and tracked.

Responses from Zendesk are automatically posted into a thread on the corresponding ticket in Slack. Users can also assign, tag, prioritize, edit custom fields, and respond to the ticket inside Slack. See it in action: Demo Video

For IT Teams Handling Employee Requests

  • Turn direct messages in Slack into Zendesk tickets, or allow employees to create tickets using a slash command and ticket form for categorization.
  • Responses and updates to the ticket from Zendesk post back to the employee via the thread in Slack.
  • Employees can respond via Slack without switching context.

For Managing Customers in Slack

  • Provide high touch customer support in Slack channels while ensuring everything is tracked via Zendesk.
  • Customers' Slack messages can be easily turned into Zendesk tickets with an emoji or slash command.
  • Customers will see responses to tickets from inside Slack, agents can edit and assignee tickets in Slack.

Halp has a free 14 day trial to test out the functionality before you buy. Install it on Slack and Zendesk today: https://www.halp.com

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