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Split and Close Tickets

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Split ‘n’ Close — Let's you split a ticket off into a new one, when the content has become a separate issue. In addition, it allows you to explicitly close a ticket, with an explanation of why. A last feature is that it shows you quite clearly when an attached file is too big and is not being displayed and lets you download the original email with a single click.

Split ticket

  1. Create a new ticket based on the contents of the current one.
  2. Automatically fills in from last comment, though you can edit.
  3. Choose comments from original ticket to add to the new one. (Premium Feature)
  4. Choose the assignee for the new ticket. (Premium Feature)
  5. Allows all custom fields to be filled in. (Premium Feature)
  6. Creates a note on both the old and new tickets to easily refer back and forth.
  7. Add attachments from either the ticket or the file system. (Premium Feature)
  8. Choose the requester for the new ticket. (Premium Feature)
  9. Can optionally add tag(s) to the new ticket. (Premium Feature)
  10. Indicate the group/agent to which the new ticket should be assigned. (Premium Feature)
  11. Add comment (public or private) to the parent ticket.
  12. Append all the CCs from the parent ticket to the child ticket.
  13. Use the same form as the parent ticket, if there is one.
  14. Define a default form (in settings) to always use for new tickets. (Premium Feature)

Close ticket

  1. Add a comment as to why the ticket is being closed.
  2. Quick action.
  3. Allow administrator to disable this feature. (Premium Feature)

Notify for large email attachments

  1. See clearly when a ticket has a file attachment that is too large
  2. Single click to download the original email with the file to your desktop

Latest Changes: (version 3.0.7)

  • New – Add feature to allow for a customized additional text on parent and child split tickets.

Latest Changes: (version 3.0.6)

  • Change – Logging to determine why requester is sometimes set incorrectly.

Latest Changes: (version 3.0.5)

  • Fix – If the localStorage is unavailable (i.e. Prevent Third Party Cookies), the Split Ticket button was being disabled.

Latest Changes: (version 3.0.4)

  • Fix – Fixes issue where the reference to the parent ticket isn't made in Free version.
  • Change - Add usage tracking for when a user splits a ticket. See our terms here.

Latest Changes: (version 3.0.3)

  • Fix – Adds a fix for a display issue when there where no custom fields and assignee was visible.

Latest Changes: (version 3.0.2)

  • New – Add ability to make all added comments private to avoid sending emails.
  • New – Add setting to set assignee to group of current assignee if none specified.
  • Fix – Check selected comments when dialog is reopened.
  • Fix – Fixes corrupt attachments.
  • Change – Reorder the settings to be a bit more organized.
  • Change – Add a Premium feature indicator for the settings.

Changes for version 3.0.1:

  • New – Split the functionality of the app into Free & Premium features.
  • New – Add the ability to bring comments from the original ticket over to the new one. Choose between, None, Choose…, All, or Public comments.
  • New – Assign different requester to split ticket.
  • Fix – Fix issue when the ticket assignee was invalid.
  • Fix – Fix issue where the app was not correctly resized.
  • Fix – Fix issue where the assignee value was invalid.
  • Change – Reorganize the app layout to be more consistent & coherent.
  • Change – Remove the ability to not close ticket if a required field is not filled in.
  • Change - Remove custom fields id setting. This has been selected from the actual custom fields for the form for a while.

Changes for version 2.0.12:

  • Fix – Fixes issue where a split message was not copying the recipient of the original message.

Changes for version 2.0.11:

  • Fix – Fixes issue where the Attachments window wouldn't show properly.

Changes for version 2.0.10:

  • Fix – Removes CORS compatibility for the attachment uploads again as advised by Zendesk.
  • Fix – The link for downloading large email attachments has been fixed to use the proper domain.
  • Change – The app can now only be installed once per Zendesk domain.

See the entire version history here.

App 詳情

SmallCubed Inc.
價格 (美元)
Multiple plans available

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Never pay a thing

Free plan features:

  • Create new ticket based on current one
  • Auto-fill from last comment
  • Creates link between tickets
  • Comment on original ticket
  • Append CCs to new ticket
  • Close ticket directly
  • Too large attachment handling

Free 10-day trial, then $3.00 per agent, per month

Premium plan includes all features from the Free plan, plus:

  • Pick comments, assignee & requester for new ticket
  • Custom fields support
  • Add attachments
  • Optionally add tags to new ticket
  • Designate default form
  • Allow administrator to disable close ticket feature




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