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What the bmetric Conversion Platform does:

Giving visitors the nudge they need to make a decision.

By nudging your visitors at the right time, with the right channel and the right message, the bmetric platform increases conversions, average order value and helps improve customer service. Typically, by 8-12%.

bmetric analyses the data of the entire user's online journey and detects website visitors in a moment of need or indecisiveness and provides them with a nudge or second-best-action.

Our fully managed service helps your commercial website make decisions such as:

  • “Should I engage a visitor”? – Engaging a visitor will interrupt the user journey. So you need good reason to do so. It’s either to upsell, secure a conversion that might have been lost or provide extra customer service
  • “Which channel should we use to secure conversion?” – depending on the situation and preference of the client and the constraints and business goals in your organisation, you need to know whether to make an online offer or promote a phone call
  • “Which message will motivate action?” – What type of nudge will make sure that the visitor acts on your engagement

Based on our answers to these three questions our platform starts engaging visitors. The results – down to each concrete sale – creates a feedback loop which will then continuously make our answers to each question sharper and become even better.

The technology consists of three elements:

  • An Audience Analyser, The Trigger Engine and our Engagement Centre.
  • The Audience Analyser Gathers data directly from your website and integrates from other data sources such as your data management platform.
  • The Trigger Engine targets the right visitors, at the right moment, with the right message and channel.

Our Engagement Centre makes sure each visitors are directed to the correct department in your company. Either online, through phone or to the correct lead nurturing system.

It is our Engagement Centre that integrates with Zendesk in order to make sure contacts and leads gathered on the website will be send directly to the correct system.

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