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BuzzBoard is the complete intelligence engine for B2SMB companies.

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BuzzBoard for Zendesk Sell delivers BuzzBoard’s customized, AI-driven data and insights about small business leads—their tech stack, resources, competition, hiring plans, market opportunities, etc.—directly into Zendesk Sell, empowering your sales advisors to easily identify the right solution for the right customer at the right time. BuzzBoard provides you with deep, accurate data for every small business lead within minutes, cutting down on your pre-call prep, and allowing more time for selling. With BuzzBoard you can:

  • Acquire New Customers: Needs-based targeting using digital signals starts more relevant conversations faster.
  • Grow Share of Wallet: Custom insights deepen the dialog, build trust and increase average deal size.
  • Retain Your Customers: Empower your front line workers with better data to improve customer experience and reduce churn.
  • Make Your CRM More Actionable: With a full Profile, Category Insight, Competition, Firmographic, Spend, and Recommendations Report on each of your leads, make your CRM data actionable.
  • Keep the Conversations Going: Monitor your prospects, customers, and their respective competitors. Use BuzzBoard to detect when they invest in a new solution or drop an existing one, launch a new website, implement a new cloud-based tool, advertise a job opening, and much more.

Access AI-driven deep, accurate, data for every small business lead within seconds. Save 60% time on pre-sale preparation and increase your strike rate by more than 30%.


  • Demand Generation
    Identify and analyze prospects who need what you sell. Then, generate original, data-driven content for customized marketing at scale. LINK TO CASE STUDY
  • Inside Sales
    Accelerate sales with BuzzBoard filters. Get context and become a trusted advisor. LINK TO CASE STUDY
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
    The complete growth kit for digital marketing agencies. LINK TO CASE STUDY

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BuzzBoard for Sell
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