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Seamless transition from live chat to conversational AI

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Turn complex AI technologies into simple-to-use solutions and save time, effort and money..

Môveo AI is a conversational AI platform powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms.

Create an AI virtual agent using Môveo AI's Generative AI technology and enterprise-level LLMs by simply uploading your knowledge base, website and documents.

Effortlessly automate over 80% of your customer support operations. Have questions? Contact us

Why connect Môveo AI with Zendesk Chat?

Automate your business processes 10x faster with minimal investment.

Môveo’s innovative Zendesk integration allows you to automate your customer support in 5 minutes. Connect to Zendesk and surpass the entire solution design, customization and optimization process of your AI agent. Authorize Môveo to learn from past chat logs or upload them manually to Môveo’s platform. Within minutes your AI virtual agent will be ready to test and deploy to all your communication channels and backend systems. Enjoy:

  • Faster ROI
  • Multiple language support
  • Self-learning capabilities

Create immersive experiences and scale your operations by introducing an AI virtual agent to your operations.

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Môveo AI
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