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Quality assurance, coaching and gamification in real-time

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Extend the capabilities of Zendesk Chat with Playvox Quality Management (QM), a comprehensive, flexible and digital-first solution that lets you move beyond basic Quality Assurance (QA) to full Quality Management (QM), so that you don’t just identify problems, you fix them. Playvox QM provides quality assurance, coaching and motivation tools seamlessly integrated into Zendesk.

With Playvox and Zendesk, you unlock the full potential in every employee and every interaction while transforming customer service operations into hubs of efficiency, effectiveness and engagement.

  • Monitor service quality in the easiest way possible:

    • Filter the most important support tickets
    • Create quality scorecards in minutes
    • Assign workloads to your quality analysts to streamline the process of selecting interactions to evaluate
    • Evaluate customer Interactions efficiently
    • Instantly uncover CS problems
    • Generate reports based on evaluation results
    • Conduct calibrations with your quality teams
    • Manage the effectiveness of your quality analysts by conducting evaluations on their work
  • Drive continuous agent improvement:

    • Create templates and enable a repeatable process to streamline feedback
    • Tailor coaching templates to identified needs, recurring CS problems & team issues
    • Deliver real-time feedback to your agents
    • View team progress over specific periods of time & identify the effectiveness of each coaching session
  • Recognize & reward your team based on their results:

    • Build real-time collaboration around CS teams to keep all stakeholders actively engaged in the QA process
    • Award points, rewards, and badges based on quality scores, coaching sessions or other metrics you track in the system
    • Customize the online store with rewards & gift cards for team members to exchange based on their results
    • Exchange ideas with all team members in the community wall, ask questions & share relevant information *

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