Decision Tree for WooCommerce by AMS

Provide high quality & consistent customer service with decision trees!

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Provide high quality & consistent chat service with the Customer Service Guide for Zendesk Chat!
The decision tree will improve your one-touch resolution & reduce your handling time.

How It Works

Using the Customer Service Guide for Zendesk Chat is a piece of cake - here's how it works:
+ Create decision trees for your most common requests.
+ When a chat opens, the Customer Service Guide for Zendesk Chat will automatically open.
+ You can search for your current case, and click through the decision tree.
+ Now your chat service will always be the same high quality & consistency, no matter who chats.


  • Create decision trees for your chat service
  • Automatically use the decision tree for every chat
  • Helps you provide high quality & consistent service
  • Improved One-Touch Resolution
  • Reduced Average Handling Time
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Works with multiple WooCommerce stores – automatically matches the customer to the corresponding store
  • Installation within a few minutes

We have developed the WordPress/WooCommerce Customer Service Guide for Zendesk Chat for our own chat service. It helps us reduce complexity & keep our service at a consistently high level. Now, no matter who chats, we can provide the same quality in service.
We hope this app can help you improve your chat service as well! If you need a new feature or an adjustment, just shoot us an email at so we can discuss implementation.

This app is also available for Zendesk Support

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