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6 Zendesk Apps to Help You Sell More

By Justine Harrington

Last updated November 15, 2016

Support and sales are two sides of the same coin. The goals of both are to help the customer to succeed in his/her goal, whether that’s buying as shirt or chatting to an agent. For online retail businesses, it’s key that support makes the sales process easier, thus improving the customer experience.

Zendesk is a leading support platform for companies who are focused on creating great experiences. Although you can integrate over 400 apps into your Zendesk, we’ve outlined six that will help you streamline your customer support process, automate workflows, and improve cooperation between support with sales and increase revenue.

PandaDoc for Proposals, Quotes and Contracts
A highly useful extension of Zendesk’s built-in functionality, PandaDoc is as an end-to-end contract management tool. With PandaDoc you’re able to easily create and eSign contracts, integrate all your contacts within your CRM, and automatically calculate profit margins for upsells and cross-sells. In addition to these features, you’re also able to configure price quotes and create sales proposals without leaving Zendesk.

Capsule for Customer Relationship Management
Thanks to its ability to store your contacts in one place, track your sales pipeline, and manage collective tasks for your team, Capsule is a terrific organizational tool for your business. You’re also able to connect Capsule’s many functions to other apps, like Google Sheets or MailChimp. Capsule integrates with Zendesk so that you can see a complete view of interactions that a lead or customer has had with your business across sales and support activities.

Yesware for Email Tracking and Templates
This handy app integrates Zendesk and Salesforce with both Gmail and Outlook accounts, providing email tracking, custom templates, and CRM integration. With Yesware, you’re able to send mail merges to up to 200 recipients, and track email engagement. And, because Yesware is linked with your email inbox, you’re also able to easily utilize all of this app’s features straight from your account – no new software needed.

User Data for Full Picture About Customers
The Zendesk User Data App provides you with relevant customer information (user and organization details, along with ticket activity) directly next to a ticket. In other words, this app will help to give you a better overall view of all the activity surrounding any given customer – allowing for more customized, personal interaction with your client base.

for Revenue Metrics
This app helps SaaS businesses keep better track of recurring revenue – for instance, you can use ChartMogul to calculate revenue metrics (including your Monthly Recurring Revenue and Annual Run Rate), consolidate your customer data, and view any recent account activity at a glance in Zendesk. No more wasting valuable time using outdated Excel spreadsheets – ChartMogul is a fantastic tool for automatic metric calculation.

Zapier for Various Task Automation
Save time by automating tedious tasks without any coding skills! You can connect Zendesk to almost any sales or productivity tool you love via Zapier. Integration will allow to create connections called Zaps, e.g. to create Zendesk tickets from new HubSpot form submissions for capturing leads (also works with Typeform, Google Sheets and many others). With Zendesk and Zapier you’ll never have to manually export or copy data to tickets again.

To learn more about these and other Zendesk apps, head over to the Zendesk Apps Marketplace.

This post was written by Justine Harrington, Content Writer at PandaDoc.