Zendesk Sell for Sales Representatives

Build the right relationships, stay connected and focus on what you do best—selling.

Spend less time managing your pipeline and more time turning prospects into sales. With intelligent tools for email, lead scoring and out-of-the-box reporting, you’ll have complete visibility on where the next sale is coming from.

Faster sales process

Click to call, send emails, schedule meetings, and view deal history all in one place - and never log calls or emails again. Save your best openers as templates and strike the perfect balance between productive and personalized using intelligent tools for email.

Sales insights and clear targets

Custom notifications ensure you take action at the right time, while out-of-the-box reports make it easy to visualize your pipeline and nail that promotion. Sophisticated lead scoring ranks leads and deals so you can focus on building high-value relationships.

Sale mobile app

The #1 rated mobile sales application for iOS and Android has your back. Close deals from any device with the power of a desktop CRM in the palm of your hand - even when you're offline. Use the app to visualize on-the-go your sales territory on a map, making it easier to see nearby customers and prospects, plan the most efficient routes and get one-touch directions right to their doorstep.

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