Zendesk Sell: Software for Sales Managers

Give your team the tools and insights to drive real sales value.

Track your activity and prompt your sales team to complete tasks at any stage of the pipeline. Stay in the know by getting at-a-glance analysis of quota attainment and loss reasons to help analyse your reps performance.

Sales tracking and reporting

No more meetings spent analysing how reps spend their time. Activity tracking and reporting by Zendesk Sell make it easy to stay in-the-know. Get an at-a-glance analysis and comparison of reps' quota attainment, loss reasons and more with the Rep Performance Dashboard.

Visualize your data and get actionable sales insights

Sell's activity reports help you pinpoint bottlenecks and missed opportunities in your sales process by capturing all sales activities silently in the background. Reports like forecasting, pipeline development and deal loss reasons empower you to interact with and understand your data on a deeper level.

Sales Data on-the-go

Consumer apps don't give users headaches, and neither should your CRM. Give your reps a tool they actually want to use and watch pipeline visibility soar. Always know where your leads stand and what steps are being taken to drive wins. The #1 rated mobile sales app for iOS and Android keeps you connected anytime, anywhere.

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