Web self service software

One size does not fit for all customers when it comes to web self service software. There are simply too many inquiries and stages in any one problem to answer in the customer service life cycle. The best solution for your company is to provide self service software that will enable you to escalate any issue to a live help center agent if needed. That's where Zendesk Guide comes in.


Zendesk Guide is more than just your average collection of help center articles. It’s a smart knowledge base to help capture and leverage your team’s know-how. It works natively with Zendesk Support to deliver better self service for customers and improve agent efficiency.


With web self service software through Guide, you will:
  • Control Access - Choose who views your knowledge base by keeping some content for agents only, or require registration--maybe even open it up to the public in your help center
  • Structured content with unlimited articles - Organize your articles so it’s easy for your customers to find what they need by by categories and sections
  • Change because you see content history - Always be up to date with the latest revisions since you see a list of edits and changes to your content


Turn your knowledge base content into web self service software. Try our free 14 day trial of Zendesk today.


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