Wufoo alternative

Explore alternatives to Wufoo for integration of forms into your website and app

Creating online forms has been hard. Customers expect a seamless, experience within your website and app. Downloading forms or repeatedly filling out the same information infuriates your customer — this must become a thing of the past. Integration of a form builder within your site enables a simple, customizable experience for both your customers, support team, and developers.

Create magic

Zendesk Embeddables makes customer service magical. Professional forms like surveys, payment forms, data entry, contact forms, and Wufoo forms become intuitive within your website and app. No more downloading forms just to fill them out. Automatically input information fields so your customer doesn't have to. Submit with a click. Embeddables creates a seamless and magic experience.

Zendesk Embeddables are a combination of the Web Widget and Mobile SDKs for both Android and iOS. They allow developers to embed Zendesk functionality—Help Center, Chat, or Tickets—natively into any app, website, or a standalone device. This helps maintain brand consistency, increases the efficiency of support interactions, and keeps friction to a minimum for customers.

  • Manage custom forms based on processes or teams
  • Allow a custom form for requests you have not anticipated
  • Test each form and determine if you are forcing a user to fill out information not needed simply to collect more information

Switch to Zendesk from Wufoo

There is no clear, straightforward answer to create custom contact forms. Exploring all your alternatives is a great idea. Sign up for a free trial with Zendesk see how we can help you start. Then use what you know in your comparisons of Wufoo, Jotform, Typeform, and Formstack.