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Rezora Opening Doors For Real Estate Agents

Last updated February 18, 2010

Real estate agents are always on the go. That’s why a growing number of them rely on Rezora’s online tools to share information with clients in a way that’s personal, relevant and measurable.

Rezora, in turn, relies on Zendesk to make its customer support experience simple and painless.

“Real estate agents are busy and not always the most technically inclined,” said Rezora CEO Paul Reinarz. “Support for this audience must be straightforward and easy to use. We tried several help desk systems and ended up with Zendesk due to its ease of use and robustness.”

Rezora enables real estate brokerages and their agents to easily create and share online marketing materials with their client base and precisely analyze their client’s real estate search and buying behavior, resulting in enhanced communication with, and knowledge about, their clients.

“By the time someone hits support they are already agitated,” Reinarz said. “The ticket submission process needs to be easy; it must be the least of their worries and concerns. They want to click a button and type in a couple of fields. Zendesk delivers this ease of use.”

Rezora_graphic1 “We have a different frontend for each brokerage we service, and depending on what account the agent is coming from, we want tickets assigned accordingly,” Reinarz said. “Zendesk allows us to automate all of our flows and works within multiple accounts, spanning thousands of individual real estate agents.”

He added: “Zendesk makes everything easy no matter how complex, yet admins can really dig in and fulfill all needs of an organization. You start with what you need and add components as your organization grows.”

Reinarz said his company evaluated various support offerings before deciding upon Zendesk. One requirement was it had to be SaaS.

“We didn’t want to be worried about code and maintaining a hosted solution — we wanted to focus on our business.”

The Zendesk implementation was also fast and easy he noted.

“It took minutes,” he recalled. “I remember sitting on my couch while my kids where watching TV while I worked. And the flexible pricing model has been great for us. It takes moments to add new agents. The pricing is very fair.  Even for a startup like us.”

Reinarz added: “Nothing about Zendesk falls short. I can’t think of a system that compares with the ease-of-use and robustness. You guys walk that line very well.”